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Organic Raspberry Extract

Product Name: Organic Raspberry Extract
Botanical Source: Rubus chingii
Part Used: Berry Part(Dried, 100% Natural)
Specification: Anthocyanin 20% 25%
Appearance: Purple red fine powder, slightly bitter taste.

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Organic Raspberry Extract


Organic Raspberry Extract is a product that uses a natural ingredient found in raspberries. Red Raspberry Extract is a recent discovery from the raspberry that is already known for its many antioxidant properties, and Red Raspberry Extract is proving to be a source of keen interest for many people in the fitness and weight loss world.

However, the discovery of Raspberry Ketone has led to an interesting conclusion that raspberry may be a good source of nutrients that can help lead to weight loss. Red Raspberry Extract is believed to be a valuable counter to weight gain resulting from a high fat diet, meaning that raspberry ketone enzyme will play a vital role in helping to control weight loss and gain. The compound known as raspberry ketone has direct interaction with the fat cells in the body, and Raspberry Ketone is proving to be effective in helping to induce fat burning and overall weight loss in the human body.

Organic Raspberry Extract

Main Function

1.Treat impotence, spermatorrhea, improve the male sexual. 
2.Preventing and curing the cardiovascular diseases.
3. Preventing and curing the heart disease.
4. Reduce the cholesterol in the blood.
5. Preventing and curing the diabetes, Restrain cancer cell grow.
6. Effect to cure the colon cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer and pancreas cancer.
Organic Raspberry Extract

Application Filed

1.Raspberries have been used throughout history as a supplement, as well as in many medicines.
2.Raspberries are known to be high in antioxidants, which help to keep the body functioning properly despite the advance of age.
3.Raspberries have also been thought to help relax the blood vessels, which can help to avoid heart problems and other disorders.
4.Raspberry Ketone has led to an interesting conclusion that raspberries may be a good source of nutrients that can help lead to weight loss.

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