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Banana powder

Product Name: Banana powder

Botanical Source:
Part Used: fruit
Appearance: Light Yellow Powder

Contact number:

+86 731 88809323

Banana powder


Banana Powder is rich in potassium and vitamin A. In formulations it has proven to be great for dry skin, and contains no known substance to aggravate or irritate the skin. Some users have used Banana Powder by itself as a rich, moisturizing facial mask.
Banana powder

Main Function

1.Control Mood and Emotions.

2.Improve your Sleep Patterns.

3.Increase your Energy Levels.

4.Protect and Nourish the Heart.

5.Fight the Symptoms of Diabetes.

6. Protect your Eyesight.

7.Fight Muscle Cramps.

8.Help Alleviate some Symptoms of a Hangover.

9.Burn Fat.

10.Help Improve your Satiety Following a Meal.

11.Help Recover Faster from a Workout.

Banana powder

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