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  • Organic Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Organic Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Product Name: Organic Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Botanical Source: Ginkgo Biloba L.
Part Used: Leaf
Specification: Flavone 24%
Appearance: Brown yellow powder

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+86 731 88809323

Organic Ginkgo Biloba Extract


The medicinal value and application of ginkgo biloba extract is extremely broad. Adopted advanced technologies, processes and equipment, through further extraction, separation and purification, the more obvious pharmacological effects, in addition to significant antagonism PAF in vitro, can also in anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, dilate blood vessels, protection of heart head blood-vessel, improve peripheral blood circulation, reduce serum cholesterol and auxiliary anticancer efficacy, can be widely used in cardiovascular, nervous system disease prevention and health care, etc
Organic Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Main Function

1.Enhance brainpower, improve memory and prevent dementia.

2.Reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and prevent hardening of the arteries

3.Prevention of coronary heart disease, angina pectoris,Anticancer, antioxidant

4.Eliminate back pain and numbness 

5.Improved urination,Alleviate diabetes

Organic Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Application Filed

1.Applied in health products field, as raw material of health product, ginkgo extract has obvious effect on delaying aging, enhance immunity and improve microcirculation;

2. Applied in pharmaceutical field, used to treat cardiovascular disease and dementia.

3. Applied in cosmetic field, because of its antioxidants or disarm free radicals is widely used in cosmetics to prevent aging.


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