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Organic Stevia Extract

Product Name: Organic Stevia Extract
Botanical Source: Stevia Rebaudiana.
Part Used: Leaf
Specification: Steviosides10%-99% / RA20%-98%
Appearance: White Crystal Powder

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Organic Stevia Extract


Stevia Plant is in the sunflower family and is related to lettuce and marigolds. Also known as sweet leaf and sugar leaf. Stevia is a type of plant that has very sweet leaves. These leaves have been used to sweeten drinks and as a sugar substitute.

Stevioside is 250 times sweeter than sucrose, and have the potential to serve as non-caloric sweeteners. Stevioside is already in use as a food sweetener in a number of South American and Asian countries.

Stevioside as a new natural sweet agent, been widely used in foods, drinks, medicines and daily chemicals. Broadly speaking, in all the sugar products, the stevioside can be used to take the place of cane sugar.

Organic Stevia Extract

Main Function

1.Calorie super-low, no harm to body curve

2. Taste tastes like sucrose or better

3.Safety safe assurance (physically blending technology)

4.Teeth-care will not result in dental caries

5.Stability stable sweetness under a wide range of temp and in foods and beverages

6. Cost-Saving reduce the cost of sucrose use to 35%-90%

7. Usage just like using sucrose

Organic Stevia Extract

Application Filed

1.Applied in the food field, it is mainly used as a non-calorie food sweetener.

2.Applied in pharmaceutical field, Stevioside is approved to use in medicine in 1992, and

developing many new products in few years.

3.Applied in other products, such as beverage, liquor, meat, daily products and so on.

As a kind of condiment, it also can play a preservative role to extend shelf-life.


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