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  • Evening Primrose Extract
  • Evening Primrose Extract

Evening Primrose Extract

Product Name: Evening Primrose Extract
Botanical Source: Oenothera biennis
Part Used: Whole Herb
Specification: 10:1 20:1
Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder

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Evening Primrose Extract


Evening Primrose is a North American native biennial plant. The plants are very tall, often 4 to 5 feet or more in height. The flower spikes grow on auxiliary branches all along the stalk. They are about 2-1/2 inched in diameter, bright yellow and have four petals, a cross shaped stigma and a refluxed calyx (leaves under petals). Evening primrose extract is found in this century the most important nutrition drugs.Evening primrose extract can cure diseases, regulate blood fat,for high cholesterol, high blood fat cause coronary artery infarction, atherosclerosis and cerebral thrombus wait for disease have remarkable curative effect. Evening primrose extract still can treat various sclerosis, obesity, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and schizophrenia, in the laboratory also found evening primrose extract inhibit cancer cell growth role. Clinical use evening primrose extract can prevent cardiovascular obstruction, lower cholesterol so used to prevent cardiovascular disease.
Evening Primrose Extract

Main Function

1. Lower blood pressure.
2.Reducing risks of blood clotting.
3. Stimulating the immune system.
4. Regulating brain function.
5.Helpful for sleeping and skin.
Evening Primrose Extract

Application Filed

2.Health Food

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