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  • Baical Skullcap Root PE
  • Baical Skullcap Root PE
  • Baical Skullcap Root PE

Baical Skullcap Root PE

Product Name: Baical Skullcap Root PE
Botanical Source: Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi
Part Used: Root
Specification: Baicalin 10%~98%
Appearance: Light yellow powder

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+86 731 88809323

Baical Skullcap Root PE


Scutellaria baicalensis in particular is a common component of many preparations. Its root, known as Radix Scutellariae, is the source of the Chinese medicine Huang Qin. It has been in use for over 2000 years as a remedy for such conditions as hepatitis, diarrhea, and inflammation.Radix Scutellariae is used for Inflammation, Cancers, Virus-related diseases and other conditions. 
Baical Skullcap Root PE

Main Function

1.Promoting secretion of bile but another ingredient wogonin does not have this effect.
2.Baicalin can promote movements of extra body intestines of rabbits but wogonin does not have this effect.
3.Anti-histamine effect:
4.Baicalin has anti-toxin effect, inhibits permeability of capillaries and anti acetylcholine and anti anaphylaxis effects.
5.Prevents atherosclerosis,broad spectrum antibiotic effect.
6.Blood thinning effect: one of the ingredients, can promote an enzyme to produce nitrogen oxide, a potential for stroke and myocardiac infarction therapy.  
7.The flavonoid baicalin inhibits superantigen-induced inflammatory cytokines and chemokines.
8.Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effects, anti-HIV activity, apoptosis induction and imbibition of colon aberrant crypts.
Baical Skullcap Root PE

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