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Ashitaba Extract

Product Name: Ashitaba Extract
Botanical Source: Angelica keiskei (Miq.) Koidz.
Part Used: Leaf
Specification: 10:1
Appearance: Brown Yellow Fine Powder

Contact number:

+86 731 88809323

Ashitaba Extract


Ashitaba extract have the function of clear heat, diuretic, strong, breastmilk, inhibiting central nervous system, lowering blood pressure, regulating endocrine, strengthening the pancreas, purifying blood, promoting insulin secretion, removing excess cholesterol, relieving rheumatism pain, reducing liver burden and so on.

Ashitaba Extract

Main Function

1) Helps with Weight Loss

2) May Reduce Liver Damage from Alcohol

3) May Help Fight Cancer

4) May Help with Diabetes

5) May Help Reduce Blood Pressure

6) May Prevent Memory Loss

Ashitaba Extract

Application Filed

1. Health food 

2. Medicine


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