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American Ginseng Extract

Product Name: American Ginseng Extract
Botanical Source: Panax quinquefolius
Part Used: Root
Specification: 5%-30% Ginsenosides
Appearance: Light Yellow Fine Powder

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+86 731 88809323

American Ginseng Extract


1. Ginseng is araliaceous plant ginseng roots dry. In China, consumption of ginseng has a long history, as early as the "Shen Nong's Materia Medica", it was ranked as top grade. During the Tang dynasty, people started buying wild ginseng from North Korea. Chinese herbal medicine industry in the ginseng business in accordance with the quality, origin and growth environment, ginseng is divided into the wild ginseng, cultivated ginseng and Korean Ginseng and three varieties. Ginseng in accordance with the different processing methods can be divided into the sun-cured ginseng, red ginseng and sugar ginseng, and other parameters.

2. Ginseng extract mainly contains a variety of Ginsenoside, including Rb1, Rb2, Rd, Rc, Re, Ro, Re, Rf, Rg1, etc. It also contains a small amount of beta - gludosterol, flavonoids, trifolium, ginseng flavonoids, and luteus glucoside.

3. Ginseng is stimulating on the entire body to help overcome stress, increase longevity, fatigue, weakness, mental fatigue, improve brain cell function, and benefit the heart and circulation. It is also used to normalize blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels, and to prevent arteriosclerosis. It is used to help protect the body against radiation and as an antidote to drugs and toxic chemicals.

American Ginseng Extract

Main Function

1. Stimulate the appetite

2. Slow the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

3. Treat depression

4. Combat stress and fatigue

5. Stimulate the central nervous system

6. Treat insomnia

7. Improve cardiovascular activity

8. Improve memory and concentration

9. Dissolve tumors

10. Raise good cholesterol (HDL)

11. Lower bad cholesterol

12. Increases estrogen levels in women and relieve the symptoms of menopause

13. Benefits the endocrine system, such as the adrenals and pituitary gland

American Ginseng Extract

Application Filed

1. Applied in food field, it is a kind of nourishing food which has much benefits to brain

2. Applied in pharmaceutical field, it can be used to treat coronary heart disease and has better effect

3. Applied in cosmetic field, it owns the function of whitening, dispelling spot, anti-wrinkle and activating skin cells


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