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Chrysanthemum Extract

Product Name: Chrysanthemum Extract
Botanical Source: ChrysanthemummorifoliumRamat. 
Part Used: Flower
Specification: 10:1, 3%Flavones
Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder

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 Chrysanthemum Extract


Long revered by traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Chrysanthemum flower (Ju Hua) has been used for hundreds of years in the ancient Chinese medicine science. It is sweet and bitter (acrid) in taste, slightly cold in nature, and attributive to Lung and Liver channels. Chrysanthemum flower tea was traditionally used to expel wind heat, calm liver yang rising, clear liver heat and benefit the eyes, detoxify blood (also for Liver and Kidney Yin deficiency.)
Chinese medicine categorizes herbs based on energetic properties rather than the chemical ingredients, Chrysanthemum provides mildly cold energy. It has special affinity to the energy channels that lead to the lungs, liver, spleen, and kidneys.
Chinese medicine indications of Chrysanthemum include: Headache, fever, common cold, dizziness, deafness, tinnitus, excessive tearing, red/painful/dry eyes, poor eyesight, blurred vision, hypertension, inflammation of the eyes, and chronic glaucoma.
 Chrysanthemum Extract

Main Function

Properties:Pungent, bitter and sweet in flavor, slightly cold in nature, it is related to the lung and liver channels. 

Functions:Dispels pathogenic wind-heat, clears heat, removes toxic substances, eliminates evil dampness, relieves dizziness, calms the liver, subdues excessive yang and improves eyesight. 

Anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, antihypertensiveClears heat, disperses wind, soothes the liver, improves vision. Used for the common cold, fevers, headaches, conjunctivitis, reddening of the eyes, and some cases of deafness. This herb is excellent for fevers with headache and for counteracting the effects of hot climate. While this is a surface- relieving herb, it also has some yin-nourishing properties. 

The white chrysanthemum flower is used to relieve hypertension, pacify the liver, expel wind, and clear eyesight. The yellow chrysanthemum flower is more effective for wind-heat syndrome with symptoms of fever and sore throat. 
 Chrysanthemum Extract

Application Filed

1.Used for common colds due to pathogenic wind-heat, fever and headache
2.Used for conjunctivitis with blurring of vision
3.Used for dizziness and convulsions:Eye problems 
4.Used for furuncles (skin infection) and pyogenic (having pus) infections
5.For hypertension
6.Lowering Blood Pressure
7.Cosmetic Uses of Chrysanthemum extract

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