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What is the benefit of Luo Han Guo ?

Date : 2018-7-2 4:08:29 Views :


Luo Han Guo (luohanguo) refers to the fruit of Siraitia grosvenori, formerly called Momordica grosvenori, a member of the Curcubitaceae . The fruit is well-known for its sweet taste; this plant family (Gourd family) has other members that contain remarkable sweet components, including additional species of the genus Siraitia (e.g., S. siamensis, S. silomaradjae, S. sikkimensis, S. africana, S. borneensis, and S. taiwaniana) and the popular herb jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum). The latter herb, which has both sweet and bitter tasting triterpene glycosides in its leaves, is now sold worldwide as a tea and made into an extract for use in numerous health-care products . Luohanguo has been used as a medicinal herb for treating cough and sore throat and is popularly considered, in southern China, to be a longevity aid . These are the same uses as listed for jiaogulan. Luohanguo has more recently been developed into a non-caloric sweetener to compete with other herbal sweeteners such stevioside from the unrelated Stevia leaf. 

What is Luo Han Guo ?

Siraitia grosvenorii (luo han guo or monk fruit) is a herbaceous perennial vine of the Cucurbitaceae (gourd) family, native to southern China and northern Thailand. The plant is cultivated for its fruit, whose extract is nearly 300 times sweeter than sugar and has been used in China as a low-calorie sweetener for cooling drinks and in traditional Chinese medicine.

The plant's fruit is often called in English language publications luo han guo or lo han kuo (from the Chinese luóhàn guǒ, ).

Luo han guo has been used for centuries in China and in Southeast Asia for its sweet flavor and medicinal properties. Historic writings record Song Dynasty monks brewing it as a medicinal beverage more than 800 years ago. The dried fruit has been used as an ingredient in soup or stew to prevent symptoms of long-term conditions or for ongoing treatment. It is used as a tea for immediate relief of discomfort.


Siomenoside I, neomogroside, and other terpene glycosides, collectively called mogrosides, have been isolated from S. grosvenori . The sweetness of this plant has been attributed to the mogrosides V and VI, in addition to glucose and fructose. Mogroside V (esgoside) is the most abundant. Concentrations of mogroside V vary in the range of 0.81% to 1.29% w/w, depending on the anatomical part of the fruit. 

28-Norcucurbitacins isolated from S. grosvenori are the siraitic acids A, B, C, D, and E. The ribosome inactivating protein momorgrosvin also has been isolated and characterized.

Health Benefits of Monk Fruit

Relieves Allergy
When our bodies experience something to which we are allergic, our body’s mast cells release a number of chemicals into our system, one of which is histamine.  This is what causes allergic reactions like inflammation, irritation, coughing, and every other symptom of allergies. The extract of monk fruit has been proven to prevent this activity of mast cells, reducing the histamine and eliminating common allergies. This chemical is also connected to reducing asthmatic reactions, which can save lives.

Prevents Cancer
Although research is somewhat limited in this area, the studies that have focused on monk fruit’s impact on cancer cells have been nothing short of remarkable. Particularly in skin cancer, the unique antioxidant properties of the glycosides and saponins found in monk fruit can prevent the spread of cancerous cells and even reduce their presence by neutralizing free radicals.  Oddly enough, excess sugar has often been connected with a higher risk of cancer, but the glycosides and complex sugars of monk fruit apparently have the opposite effect.

Anti-aging Properties
There is a unique statistic about the regions in which monk fruit naturally grows; there is a much higher than an average number of centenarians per capita. In other words, people who regularly use and consume monk fruit seem to live longer. Obviously, this is based on population statistics, but the antioxidant properties of monk fruit do have an effect on the general breaking down of the body as we age, making this a powerful anti-aging fix.

Improves Heart Health
Monk fruit’s organic components also prevent cholesterol from oxidizing, which is what happens before that cholesterol builds up into plaque within the arteries and blood vessels.  Therefore, monk fruit has the potential to lower risks of heart attack and strokes by preventing the development of atherosclerosis.

Controls Diabetes
One of the most widespread and dangerous diseases in modern times is diabetes, which is an inability of the body to regulate its glucose and insulin levels in the bloodstream.  Normal sugar has a very strong impact on those suffering from diabetes, but monk fruit-based sweeteners do not cause the same fluctuations of blood sugar and are therefore widely promoted as a treatment or preventative method for diabetes.

Weight Loss

Similarly, high sugar intake has been linked to obesity in many cases.  Weight loss programs are strenuous and challenging for many people, but by providing a healthy and extremely sweet alternative, monk fruit extracts and supplements can be the best of both worlds for those trying to lose weight without compromising taste and the pleasure of eating.

Weight Loss

Similarly, high sugar intake has been linked to obesity in many cases. Weight loss programs are strenuous and challenging for many people, but by providing a healthy and extremely sweet alternative, monk fruit extracts and supplements can be the best of both worlds for those trying to lose weight without compromising taste and the pleasure of eating.

Reduces Inflammation
In Chinese herbal medicine, monk fruit was often relied on as a cooling agent in various drinks and medicinal preparations. For example, if you were suffering from a fever, inflammation of the joints, or heat stroke, the anti-inflammatory properties of monk fruit could help eliminate those afflictions when the fruit juices were mixed with water or consumed directly. 

How to Use ?

Use Lo Han Guo as the substitute of sugar and / or any sweetening agent. It is recommended to use Lo Han Guo extract with caution for it is way sweeter than sugar.

Lo Han Guo too can be consumed as an infused water or tea with this step:

1.Prepared and clean Lo Han Guo Fruit.
2.Cut Lo Han Guo to smaller pieces.
3.Add Water, keeping the skin intact is not a problem.
4.Bring Lo Han Guo to boil for at least 10 minutes or as the water is browning.
5.Strain the water and put into any container.
6.Let it cool a bit and enjoy

With this method, health benefits of luo han guo can be enjoyed every day. Beside prepared as an infused water or a tea, Lo Han Guo can be cooked along with vegetable. There is no exact recipe for cook Lo Han Guo and prepared it as a soup. You can get creative with Lo Han Guo recipe with some little tips which is “Its good with meat especially pork”

Product Name
 Luo Han Guo Extract / Fructus Monordicae Extract/ Momordica Grosvenori Extract/Monk Fruit Extract 
Botanical Source
Momordica Grosvenori Swingle 
Part Used

mogrosides 80% mogroside v 25% mogrosides 98% mogroside v 50% mogrosides 98% mogroside v 55% mogrosides 98% mogroside v 60% 

organic mogrosides 98% mogroside v 50% organic mogrosides 95% mogroside v 40% 

 Light Yellow Powder


1. Heat stroke with thirst: Take one fruit, break it open and stir into boiled water. Drink the liquid in place of tea. 
2. Acute or chronic throat inflammation; aphonia. Take half a fruit and 3-5 seeds of sterculia. Cover with water and simmer, then swallow very slowly.
3. Chronic cough. Take 1 piece of fruit, cover with water, simmer, and drink the liquid. Do this twice each day.
4. Constipation in the aged. Take 2 pieces of fruit, obtain the juicy part and the seed (put the shell aside for other uses), break apart, cover with water, and simmer. Drink before going to bed.

5. Diabetes. Take an appropriate measure of the fruit and crush it or simmer it into a thick juice and add to food being prepared, using it as a substitute for sugar.

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