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The Benefits You Should Know About Mango Powder

Date : 2018-7-16 5:26:58 Views :


Mango is a fruit that many people like to eat. The fragrance of mango is so fascinating that it can be enjoyed. However, the season of mango can only be eaten in the summer. What if we want to eat mango in other seasons? In fact, nowadays mango powder  can be used to make a variety of foods 。

Mango powder also called amchur powder or just amchur, mango powder is becoming a popular option to boost health.

To make things even more exciting, research supports the presence of mango powder benefits, suggesting that it is a great option for your diet.

But, what is it that makes mango powder worth trying? That’s precisely the question that this post focuses on, along with the science behind mango powder.

What is Mango Powder?

Now, mango powder is exactly what the name suggests, a powder that has been created from dried mango. Specifically, it is made from unripe mangoes and ends up having a sweet and sour taste.

Historically, amchur has been particularly common as a flavoring, especially in ethnic cooking and in curries. This continues to be the case today but there is also a focus on using it mainly for health benefits, rather than flavor.

Mango powder is also appealing simply because it lasts.

In particular, mangoes themselves offer health benefits but you can only get them during the summer. On the other hand, amchur powder is available all year round and you don’t have to worry about using it quickly.

This aspect alone makes mango powder incredibly popular.

Product Name
Mango Powder 
Botanical Source Mangifera indica L.
Part Used Fruit

Appearance Loose powder, no lumps, no visible impurities.

Health Benefits of Mango Powder

Mango powder is a source of various nutrients, such as:

1.Vitamins: Mango powder is a good source of vitamins A and C. A 60 g serving can provide you with almost 13 percent of your daily vitamin A requirement. You need vitamin A for ocular health as well as for a functioning immune system. A 60 gram serving of mango powder can provide 36 percent of your daily vitamin C, which has antioxidant properties to protect your body from free radicals and can enhance your immune system as well.

2.Minerals: Calcium and iron are among the minerals that mango powder provides. You can get 12 percent of your daily calcium from this spice, along with 3 percent of your potassium. Calcium is important for healthy bones while your body needs potassium to maintain the right balance of fluids.

3.Dietary fiber: A 60 g serving of mango powder can provide you with 4 percent of the dietary fiber that you need each day. This is significant if you take the small serving size into account. Dietary fiber is important for preventing constipation and can help with weight loss as well since it adds bulk to food and increases the feeling of being full.

Mango powder can be used to treat or prevent health issues, including:

1.Scurvy: Mango powder has enough vitamin C to make it an effective treatment for people deficient in that nutrient. One of the traditional Indian cures for scurvy is to combine one part mango powder with two parts jaggery.

2.Tooth decay: Mango powder has antibacterial properties and has been shown to inhibit the growth of some of the bacteria known to cause dental plaque. This means that mango powder may be effective for treating or preventing dental cavities.

3.Poor vision: The relatively high level of vitamin A in mango powder can help to promote eye health. By regularly consuming mango powder, you may be able to prevent cataracts and other eye problems.

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