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What is the experience of adding 35 grams of ruby to a drink?

Date : 2018-5-7 2:35:43 Views :
    In April 2018, "hey juice," a Chinese high-end beverage brand that promotes light eating, released a drink called "B35 cranberry compound fruit and vegetable juice.”
An anti-aging technology in the juice industry like “Estee Lauder"  .

    Within a few days,  attached a group of young women in the developed area of  China.

    Today, we will show you a detailed explanation of the magic effect of this "ruby" .

    The first time I saw the cranberry harvest, I was stunned.The red beach, which is endless, is like being in a painting.It turns out that cranberries grow on low shrubs and are hard to pick.
So the harvest is to fill the cranberry field with water, and then the special water cart rolls back and forth in the field, and the cranberries fall off the trees;High quality cranberry will float to the surface of the water, waiting for the collection.It is not only convenient to harvest, but also to eliminate the inferior fruit, leaving only the best part, export processing.

    In north American Indian tribes, cranberries represent nutrition and health.They often use dried deer to stir cranberries and oil to make a cake, and also use cranberries to soak up the poison in the wound.
It was discovered after years of research that it was completely right calling it as woman's "ruby".

    Such a magical species, however, is so precious because of its special growth condition, which must be cultivated for three to five years before it becomes a bright red fruit, and the world's total production area is less than 40,000 acres.

    Today, hunan huakang biotechnology has mastered the extraction and purification process of cranberry,  extracted the most precious nutrient-PACs from cranberry. Hunan huakang biotechnology now supplying a large number of cranberry extract and cranberry powder.
Progucts:cranberry extract
                  25%-50% PACs
                  cranberry powder.

    Because of our cranberry extract has good water solubility, it is widely used in various beverages.It is also used in food and health products because its unique function.

    Hunan Huakang Biotech Inc.,specializes in extracting active ingredient from natural herbs and plants .Hunan Huakang has solid strength with rich experience after several years of manufacturing,developing & researching plant extracts.

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