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New choice for joint inflammation, mixed extract of catechu and mulberry

Date : 2019-4-17 2:20:32 Views :

Recently, two studies published in the journal Sports Nutrition and Biochemistry confirmed the potential benefits of AmLexin, which has been shown to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness, a catechin (Acacia) A standardized mixture of the heartwood of plants and the root bark of mulberry (Morus alba).

In a 9-week, double-blind, placebo, controlled clinical trial, 26 subjects were randomized into two groups. During the entire training period, one group took 400 mg of Amlexin daily, and the other group took the same dose of consolation. The agent, which lasted for 8 weeks, participated in the 13.1 mile half marathon in the following week.

The study showed that subjects taking AmLexin had significantly lower pain levels after 1 to 3 days of exercise after the half marathon compared with placebo. In addition, on days 1 and 6 after the half marathon, these subjects experienced lower post-exercise oxidative stress and higher antioxidant capacity.

Another preclinical study published in the journal Nutrition reported the effects of AmLexin on inflammation and cartilage protection in collagen-induced arthritis rats. Joint wear is characterized by the gradual loss of articular cartilage. Although there have been significant advances in the scientific reasons for the structural integrity and loss of cartilage, so far there is no effective way to change the progression of articular cartilage failure. In the future, these unmet needs can be offset by nutrients and bioactive natural products.

To this end, the results also showed a statistically significant reduction in the severity of joint symptoms in rats with AmLexin, catabolic biomarkers such as collagen degradation biomarker uCTXII, inflammatory biomarkers IL-beta, TNF-alpha and IL-6 has been significantly improved.

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